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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Anytime Anywhere Exercises

Circuit Training At Home

Circuit training involves doing a mix of aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercises in quick succession to work the various muscle groups. It helps to improve your muscles and stretches them after about of exercise. There are modified exercises we can do at home.

For cardiovascular benefits, you can try vacuuming, or dancing in invigorating music. Or you can stimulate a boxing match by wrapping towels around your fists, and punching into a pillow held up by a partner.

For strength training or resistance exercises, fill up your water bottle with water or sand and do some bicep or tricep curls while watching television. Or, you can sit down and clamp a pillow between your ankles, lifting it up and down. This exercise is good for abdominal training.

To stretch your muscles, lie down in front of television, if you cannot miss the program you watch, with one leg straight and the other leg bent. Draw the knee of the bent leg close to your chest with the help of a towel wrapped around the calves. This is good for stretching your hamstrings.

Commuting to Work and at Home

Learn to activate your abdominals through sit-ups and crunches, so when you are on the trains or buses, you can lightly contract your abdominal muscles. The correct way is the reflex action of tightening your midsection when someone is about to punch you in the stomach.

Working with Computer

When you are working on the computer, twist your trunk to the sides slowly for eight to ten times. This movement increases mobility in your oblique, or side abdominal muscles.


When driving, keep the shoulder relaxed and at the same time, do deep abdominal breathing. With each exhalation, contract the abdominal muscles. This exercise prevents tight shoulders and a stiff neck.

If you force yourself doing something you don’t enjoy, you will probably end up not doing it again. So pick up those exercises you feel fun or easy and start doing them.


Useless Exercises

Sitting Abdominal Crunch Machine – I don’t know what the official name of this machine is, but it is at every health club. Any machine for whatever muscle group has a limited range of motion based on the design of the machine, and this one is no exception. You are not targeting the abdominal muscles effectively with this piece of equipment. Skip this machine and grab a mat. Doing floor exercises such as abdominal crunches, reverse crunches, or toe reaches, going in a slow and controlled manner, will be a better use of your time to get a flatter stomach.

Lat Pulldown Behind the Head – This isn’t a useless exercise done correctly. Studies have shown that if the exercise is performed pulling the bar behind your head, you could be doing damage to your rotator cuffs. You have to do it absolutely perfect to avoid that, which hardly anyone does. Pull the bar down in front of you and you will get the same benefit for your back, without potential damage to your shoulders.

Side Bends – My wife was complaining about her supposed love handles (my wife sees a different person in the mirror than I do, she is in great shape) and asked if she should do these. They don’t work! All it will do is build the muscle and push your bodyfat out further so that everybody can notice your love handles. That’s not what you want, RIGHT?? The obliques are small muscles and just a little stimulation can really develop them. To eliminate the extra fat around the obliques, watch your diet and burn off your bodyfat with aerobic work. Then utilize the abdominal exercises listed in the exercise above and they will indirectly work your obliques. This will be a far better approach to getting rid of those love handles then doing side bends.

Inner and Outer Thigh Machine – This is one of the most popular exercises for ladies trying to tone up those inner and outer thighs. The waiting line is a mile long for this machine, as women do hundreds of sets and repetitions to achieve the leaner leg. I can’t stand this machine. I wish I had invented it because I would be rich. What people don’t realize is that because of the design of this machine and limited range of motion, you are really only hitting a very small portion of the leg. You should perform lunges and/or squats and eliminate this exercise from your workout. You are much better off hitting your inner and outer thighs during those exercises, then spending the 15 minutes on this machine. Just because everybody is doing it, doesn’t mean it is right. Be brave and challenge yourself with squats and lunges and I guarantee you’ll love the results.

Russian Twists – This is the exercise where an individual is standing with a broomstick on his/her shoulders and the person twists side to side. As a warm-up, this might be alright, but as an exercise to reduce the love handles, no. It doesn’t do anything. See Side Bends to find out how to work the obliques better.

Make efficient and good use of your time when you work out and avoid these exercises like the plague. Use the alternatives that I suggest and get better results faster. These suggestions will ultimately get you to your final goal… A BETTER YOU!!


Pilates Benefits

Pilates is a form of exercise designed to give you a stronger and more toned body. It is also a plan to get healthy that can be flexible and it is painless. You do not have to worry about lifting heavy weights or spending countless hours at the gym a day. With the consist practice of Pilates your body will seem to become more energized and your health will improve on an over-all basis. Many people find that after ten or so sessions they will begin to feel somewhat a difference and within a month, everyone will see a difference too.

Pilates is also a form of exercise that allows the body and muscles to be stretched, strengthened, and toned. It will eliminate tension and strain on the joints and body. Not only will Pilates help tone the body, but also it allows a person to become more mentally healthy. It will release all your bad energy and replace with energy that will make you feel alive and rejuvenated.

For the workout, you have over 500 exercises that you can do that are part of the Pilates program. Most workouts are not that long and are usually less than an hour. If you are just a beginner, you will most likely only learn ten exercises.

As you progress in your Pilates workouts, you will eventually learn or do all 500 exercises at some point. The more advanced the class you take is the more moves they will give you and the more your body will feel the benefits of the workouts. It is best that you stick with your routine or you will not see the results that you want. A normal person working out twice a week will seek results within a month. However, if you only do Pilates every now and then, you are not going to see the results that you would if you stuck to your routine.

There are many benefits to Pilates and it will help to make people not only stronger and healthier, but it will also help many do daily functions that they normally had a hard time with. Some of these things may include picking up their children, doing lawn work, and many other things. This is just a few of the daily things that can be achieved from doing this type of exercise.


Pilates Exercises

Since Joseph Pilates developed the system, specialist fitness centers, coaches and teachers have become available throughout the United States and the developed world.

The system caters for all adult age groups, whether it using workouts that promote muscle building for athletes, body toning exercises to enhance that glamorous look, or training schedules that can correct the bad posture that leads to spinal and other related problems.

Irrespective of age and physical disabilities the practice of the appropriate Pilates exercise schedule can be life enhancing to those that are prepared to take the trouble to explore the variety of benefits and routines that are offered by the system and then act upon the most suitable for their circumstances.

These can vary between as little as fifteen minutes a day, perhaps to alleviate a painful back condition to a full scale regime to improve and enhance a sporting aspiration.

Pilates is not only a physical improvement system but also has an important psychological input.

Joseph Pilates believed that an individuals mental attitude to the fitness and development of the physical body was as important as the exercises and training to which it was subject. In other words having the right mental attitude to whatever you want to achieve with your body.

There are a number of inexpensive devices that will help with the Pilates experience but essentially the Pilates system is a •èhands on•è opportunity to improve those areas of the body that only you feel has the need to benefit.

Joseph Pilates, Born in Germany in 1880, was a fitness and exercise enthusiast who toned his body to a peak of physical condition. He was an accomplished skier, gymnast, diver, involved in martial arts and a trained nurse.

He worked in Britain as a boxer and circus artiste before the outbreak of war in 1914 and was interned for the duration with other prisoners of war on the Isle of Man.

He began to investigate ways to restore the survivors of the 1918 flu epidemic (that led to the death of more people than the Great War), to fitness and developed an exercise regime that could be carried out in an isolation area. A key item of Pilates equipment is based on a hospital bed.

After the war he trained Max Schmelling, the German world heavyweight boxing champion, and other boxers before emigrating to the US and opening a training workshop in New York in 1926. Of the 500 precise exercises that Pilates developed, perhaps the best known are those that have proved successful in alleviating spinal problems by correcting bad posture that leads to spinal misalignment.

Today exponents and practitioners have carried on developing exercise and fitness practices based upon Joseph Pilates’ philosophy and formula.

Explore the Pilates system, remember it has worked for countless others, if you have the dedication it will work for you, whatever your physical aspirations are there is a Pilates system that could benefit you.


  • Posture improvement
  • Alleviate back pain
  • Tone your body
  • Enhance your energy
  • Be fit and healthier
  • Get the body you’ve always wanted
  • Look younger