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How a Hospital in Burlington Empowers Doctors and Nurses to Benefit Its Patients

As a city of only around 25,000 residents, Burlington, Massachusetts is remarkably self sufficient. Although commerce with far larger Boston has long been important to the town’s economy, it stands much more clearly on its own in quite a few ways. While some patients might find themselves seeking out care in Boston or even farther afield, for example, many end up receiving world-class treatment in the small city of Burlington itself. As the LinkedIn profile of the local hospital makes clear, needing to travel far for medical assistance is not an issue that residents will very often have to confront.

With almost a hundred years of history already behind it, that facility and the health professionals who work there have built up a truly strong record. Where people in other cities sometimes struggle with how the pursuit of profit seems to negatively impact the quality of their care, that is not an issue in Burlington. As the hospital always puts the interests of patients first and is organized as a nonprofit, locals tend to trust that it will provide the care that will benefit them the most.

Part of what allows for this is that the hospital puts its physicians at the helm. Where hospital administrators at facilities in other cities often bring an MBA-motivated perspective to work with them, doctors tend to be focus much more intently on the needs and situations of their patients. Far from pulling them away from the medical care that they are so qualified to provide, taking input from doctors as to the hospital’s direction and operations actually helps involve them more deeply. By being able to influence the larger organization in ways that will allow them to provide even more effective care, physicians make their professional lives more productive.

That same inclusive approach extends to the nurses who contribute so much to the hospital, as well. With these dedicated professionals also being empowered not just to see to their daily duties but also to participate in leadership at a higher level, patients inevitably benefit. That is part of what helps make life in Burlington so satisfying to many residents, even where a relatively small city might normally be thought to be lacking.