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Our Son and His Well Though out NFL Dreams

Our son in high school is developing an opportunity to play college football in hopes of getting into the NFL. There is nothing random about his planning. He is focused on the goal, and is keeping his academics strong knowing that even a long-lived football career eventually ends. He asked us if we would help him by hiring a Denver personal trainer to help develop his natural skills into something that would wow the scouts. There is a heavy competition to get from high school sports into playing on teams in college and hoping to go pro.

There are plenty of guys who are like beasts who can run, jump, block and follow the coach’s orders. Then there are the finely-tuned athletes who really learn how to play the game and who develop their bodies and minds to become masters of the games they play. I have seen plenty of athletes with a ton of natural talent and physical ability get shut out of pro sports because they simply did not take the job seriously enough to develop their skills to the pro level. Arrogance, in my opinion, plays a big role. You have to not have a big head and realize that pro sports is a job, and that jobs can be lost.

Our son is thinking ahead and wants the help of a professional Denver personal trainer to help him get his head and body into the game keeping in mind that this is a career choice that takes just as much discipline and work as being a doctor or a Navy Seal takes. The mindset is the same across all three of those careers. We are more than proud to help him make his dreams come true. He not only has a plan, he has a backup plan and even a tertiary plan for life. Smart kid!