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Three Chicago STD Testing Options That Don’t Require a Trip to the Hospital

Heading to the hospital for an STD test is just not the ideal option for most patients. It is expensive, inconvenient, and can be quite embarrassing. Thankfully, there are several other Chicago STD testing options available to patients who prefer not to go to the hospital for their STD tests. Read on to find more information about four of them.

Home STD Test Kits

Home test kits are one of the easiest ways for patients to discover whether they have sexually transmitted diseases, as they are convenient, easy to use, and offer fast results. Simply purchase an at-home test kit and mail the kit back to the company to receive results within three days for a much lower price than heading to a hospital. The downside of home testing is that these tests are not 100% accurate, so patients must get secondary testing if their at-home kits test positive.

Online STD Testing

There are several online STD labs that have appeared recently on the market and, like home test kits, they are convenient, simple, and affordable. Patients can simply pay for the test online, head to a local lab with no need for an appointment, then sit back and wait for the results. Because samples are processed using hospital-grade lab equipment, online STD tests are much more reliable than at-home tests.

Free Testing Clinics

The primary benefit of heading to a free STD testing clinic is obvious: it costs little to nothing. However, this benefit comes at a high metaphorical price. Free clinics do not ensure their patients’ anonymity, and they typically require that patients provide basic identifying information such as their names and birth dates. Many of them also have a substantial wait time and require mandatory counseling regardless of test results, which can be a huge hassle for patients who don’t have a lot of free time.

Get Help Now

Not sure which is the most appropriate option? Patients can go online to find more information or to take a simple quiz that will offer insight into which of these STD testing methods is right for their unique circumstances. When it comes to STDs, it’s always better to know, so get started today.